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It is important to protect crucial documents from reaching miscreant hands so that they are not used illegally or in a destructive manner. This is especially vital in organizations which deal with security matters and legal issues. The best way to secure classified material after their legal use is to destroy them completely. Offices often deploy shredder machines to destroy papers and important documents by shredding them into tiny bits from which no information can be recovered. The same physical aspect can be incorporated electronically as these days more and more work is done on a computer where confidential information and important documents are saved on computer hard disk. So to destroy documents permanently in a system, a similar concept of shredding them can be used. However virtually, shredding would mean to delete data permanently from the computer's memory.

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Software applications that are used to shred documents can be used for this purpose. With the help of such software also known as file eraser or privacy tool, users can permanently delete files and other documents completely from the system's hard disk beyond recovery. Since it is comparatively easy these days to recover deleted files and folders with the help of data recovery software, a file shredding software has to be more powerful and efficient so that the data is not recovered back. In order to delete files and folders permanently, it is also essential that those are saved in the computer's hard disk and not in the network drive or any other external storage device like a PEN Drive, Flash drives and external hard drives. Some of the key features that would mark this application really effective are the different categories on the basis of which users can delete files. The software should be able to shred documents and folders saved at different locations of the system's hard disk and the recycle bin. Furthermore, option to delete temporary files, Windows temporary files, Internet temporary files and Internet cookies must be integrated.

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File shredding tools use data shredding algorithms to achieve the desired result. Effective algorithms such as US Army AR380-19 (3 passes), Peter Gutmann (35 Passes), DoD 5220 + Peter Gutmann and German VSITR (7 Passes) can be used to delete content as per the data sensitivity. These algorithms can also be used to free disk space available on hard disk. Useless files present in different locations can also be deleted permanently. Effective shredding tools provide users the facility to create shredding tasks and schedule them. This helps in automatically shredding the documents and folders specified in the task and after some desired time period. These tools must also be password protected so that they cannot be misused to destroy important information by someone other than the authorized user.

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This software is available as a free evaluation version for users to check out its features and capability to shred files and folders. The demo version can be easily downloaded and used for a limited period of 30 days. Within this time span, one can shred as many documents as required and delete them permanently. However, in order to continue usage, users have to buy the FULL version of this software.

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